Script to Uninstall Webroot

Need a script to uninstall Webroot SecureAnywhere -

@nikki ,

A request for a special script had been forwarded to our Script Developers.

Sorry for reviving this thread but since I found it in my searches, i figured others might as well. What worked for me to uninstall webroot was the following base script:

Then put “Webroot SecureAnywhere” as the proName variable. I don’t know if it’ll come through in the thread but the following is my currently working script:

proName=‘Webroot SecureAnywhere’
import os;
out=os.popen(‘wmic product where name="%s" call uninstall’%(proName)).read();

Last thing. Comodo, you guys are great and I recommend you all the time. But this process of directing people to PM/Ticket use on forums is such a Micro$haft thing to do. I’m sure it’s fine for working out the details but come back to the threads and post a KB link or at least solution so others don’t just find dead threads. I think this would also help bolster the community and collaboration here to make the forums as good as the software.