Script to update Java to update 181

Java has an update to version 181, and the script yall made for me only does 171… anyway to get a script that will always install/update to the NEWEST Version? Or do I need a new script every time theres an update? If so can yall throw me something together please


tweakbox tweakbox ​​​​​​​tweakbox

Hello @iosman123,

We would like to further check on your query, may we request to share the script/procedure that you are using to further analyze the result. Also please ensure the client has not run the “disable Java updates” procedure at this Endpoint.

We have also created a support ticket for you and sent it to the email address that you registered on this forum website.

Thank you and please feel free to respond to the support ticket as well.

Why not use the built-in 3rd party app section of Itarian to do this?