Scripting OpenEDR

I’m consulting with a client who is looking into OpenEDR. She only wants to use the edr function, and she uses TacticalRMM. Is there a script we can set up on Tactical that will download and install the edr agent remotely?

Hi @Fredjclaus

Please see this link on our sister companies website which links to all the resources about this
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Yes, you can set up a script on TacticalRMM to remotely download and install the OpenEDR agent. Here’s a short PowerShell script to do this:

$installerUrl = ""
$installerPath = "$env:TEMP\openedr-installer.exe"

Invoke-WebRequest -Uri $installerUrl -OutFile $installerPath

if (Test-Path $installerPath) {
    Start-Process -FilePath $installerPath -ArgumentList "/quiet /norestart" -Wait
    if (Get-Command "openedr-agent" -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue) {
        Write-Host "OpenEDR Agent installed successfully."
    } else {
        Write-Host "OpenEDR Agent installation failed."
    Remove-Item $installerPath -Force
} else {
    Write-Host "Failed to download the OpenEDR installer."

Replace the URL with the actual download link for the OpenEDR installer, then create a new script in TacticalRMM, paste this code, and execute it on the target machines. This script downloads and installs the OpenEDR agent silently and cleans up the installer file afterward.