SD main page concept



  1. Tickets categories (help topics) and SLA status.
    Tags list is dynamic. FIX in this list only if SD have open (active) FIX tickets.
    Active/Overdue/Done — clicking it to filter tickets.

  2. Ticket number and ticket stages.

  3. SLA line. If ticket still inside SLA - underline is green, day wich out of SLA underlying with yellow.

  4. Ticket info
    Ticket Number. Assigned department. Current operation - when stuff change ticket stages - it reflects here.
    Device - info about device. …
    Linked with - # of tickets with wich linked this tickets, also may link KB entry

  5. Current workflow stage (block)

Line with number below - just calendar dates with yellow weekend.

Example Tickets (workflows) explain:
#1137 FIX ticket.
Diagnose - done in 2 days, SLA OK, Parts ordered with SLA OK, waited for delivery, but at last day of waiting SLA is overdue.
But parts delivered, in 2 days job was done. Ticket succefully closed.

#1138 FIX ticket
Diag done at 1 day. Started work with it, but need parts. Parts ordered in 2 days, waiting for parts (purchase ticket #1140)
Parts delivered, continue fix process. Red underline - Current active block

#1140 Purchase ticket
Parts found at 2 days, payed, waiting for delivery too long - 1 day SLA is overdue.

Dont look at 1137&1138 where they get parts from 1140. It is example only

#1141 IT support ticket
Diag done at 1 day, Now ticket in process. SLA is still OK.
One sight - full info about all open tickets and they statuses

Hello @Sergey ,

We have forwarded your request to the development and we will get back to you as soon as we have an outcome.

​​​​​​​Thank you for your feedback!

One more thing. When same stuff works with few PCs at one time - he periodically lost in tasks. SD tickets have stages. Be very useful if with mouse-over at ticket pan we will see current stage and next stages. This will resolve problem of losting in tasks and will make possible to continue jobs by another stuff than stuff who started work with PC.

Hello @Sergey

Thank you for the feedback. We will forward this as well.