Security and My Data/Clients

I was looking for a blanket statement from Comodo about security of my info and client info within the cloud based solution you have here. Can you provide some legal jargon about Comodo’s position on the data, securing that data and then any “poaching” of info with regards to clients that I place within the system.

I really want to know Comodo is providing assurances for MSPs that use the system from hackers, internal sales/services and third party vendors/sales. I don’t want to expose myself or my clients to anything because of a tool I am considering switching to.

You have our assurance that we will do everything we can within our power to protect your and your customer’s information.

Uh, thanks, :smiley: but more importantly a legal document regarding this and selling to third parties or using it for internal sales or marketing purposes and so forth? Just because MSPs can be sued over info leaks where it exposes them in such manner as a product like this. I understand that it is free but also understand that an MSP cannot operate without being protected/sheltered from the software that they choose to use to provide those services as we do not have a way to fix any security issues or directly control access to the data stored in the cloud.

Please understand this isn’t a negative comment in any shape or form, just a business owner who wants to protect himself and his clients as best he can while still delivering on the quality and efficiency for the services that are provided by leveraging software such as Comodo One.

Thank You.

Oh I understand. Our legal agreements for the usage of this software is no different than other rmm providers. But I will raise this with the guys to make sure they double check it

Could you post it somewhere just for our reference as I couldn’t find it anywhere but may have missed it during the install process. Thanks again.

Plus I want assure my clients that their info is stored in the cloud with only the intention that myself be privy to it and no one else regardless of intent.

So many “free” things in life have those hidden gotchas. Like selling my clients on other services without my involvement.

Thanks again.


Here is the EULA that is also embedded on product for your reference.


EULA - ComodoONE.pdf (152 KB)

Thank you.