Security status - color indicator


Had a quick question about the new security status that is displayed next to the device - Red says “At Risk” but where do I get more information on what the risk is? Please clarify?

“Added a new icon to the device details screen to show the security status of Comodo Client Security. Using a traditional traffic-light system, the colored indicator can give admins a quick heads-up if a client is in trouble and needs attention.”

Hello @nikki
The help guide has been updated to include the new status indicators for CCS. Please do check the ‘Manage Devices’ page.

Hi, I know the Firewall is not running on this PC, the PC’s fault I may add, NOT Comodo’s but the items are being reported incorrectly.


Hello @dittoit,

We appreciate for sharing this matter to our attention. We would like to further investigate this case and we will get in touch via support ticket to gather additional information. Thank you

Hi James @dittoit,

You are right, currently component icons on the device list only shows if the component is installed or not. We have an idea to show disabled/not working components with real time information as below. Would that meet your requirement? Would that be helpful?


Yep that would be very helpful.

@Rick_C thank you!!

Having the symbols is great, but we really need emailed reporting so that formally keep on top of out of date endpoints The ability to filter columns on ITSM to show which endpoints are reporting issues too.

Hello @nct ,

Thank you very much for providing us this suggestions.
We have created a support ticket to further analyze the requests.
Please feel free to reply at your convenience.

This would be an amazing improvement as we can see exactly what is going on, and filters for this would be great too.