Security Sub-System/Security Dashboard


Not sure what’s been updated/changed in the january release and if it’s relevent… but security dashboard notifications stopped at around 10:40am(uk time) on 21st January.

Everything else appears to be fine in the platform but we always receive lots (usually around 50 per day from multiple endpoints) of notifications within the Security Dashboard but they simply stopped dead at the time shown above and we’ve not received a single one since that time.

Anyone else noticed the same??

As I said previously… everything else appears to be working as normal.

Please (Itarian) dont raise a ticket and ask for logs as I dont currently have the time… I just thought you should know and I’m interested if anyone else has noticed the same.

Edit: I should also say I’ve not updated either the EM nore the AEP to the latest versions… the only thing I can imagine that’s changed is the platform itself.

Our current defaults are
EM 6.32.33070.19120

Hi @Ed_Johnson,

Thank you so much for taking the time to report the issue. We are sorry for the inconvenience caused.

We are already aware of the issue and our backend team is investigating the issue. We will let you know if any update is available.

Kind Regards,