See logged in users instead of assigned user

We have frequent turnover. I don’t have time to constantly add and remove users in comodo.

I want to see:
-See logged in user instead of assigned user to in portal
-See logged in user in Comodo Remote control

This is the main reason that I do not use the application

@jdeis ,

We understand that these functionalities would be necessities under your setup. We have coordinated with our Product Developers about this needed features. We’ll provide you via support ticket for any updates and news concerning these requests.

Hi @labpuppy, the feature to show the logged user currently shows on the road-map with the following implementation timeline: Short-Term (3 to 6 months). We will provide additional information as soon as this timeline becomes more accurate.

We really need this feature too and hope to see it implemented soon.

@kylem ,

Indeed you are correct. We will keep you updated via support email in regards to the Development progress of this Feature.

This feature is a great idea and we’ll needed.

We set all our devices up a one user per customer except for directors.

Saves us so much messing around and allows for devices to be multi user.

This feature will soon be implemented in the upcoming platform update this Feb 16th.