Selected Patch added to install queue, but where to find the queue??

Upon selecting the patches for a server, and pressing install patches it’s sent to the install queue.
where in the monitor can I see the install queue??

Hello @alan

The Standalone Patch Management Module uses the Windows Update which means that you only manage them in the module and they are downloaded and installed locally. In this case The computer handles the install queue the same as it would if you were to download and install multiple updates on the machine.

The same case should be available for the PM section from ITSM. We will double check and get back with a confirmation.

I am having the issue again with high CPU usage coming from the update service. I can close the service, CPU back to normal. I had this issue not long ago, so I removed the PM from the system, and the issue was resolved. It is happening again, but I do not have a PM module to remove this time. I will be working on figuring a way out, to get the CPU usage back down where it should be. I will let you know if I find anything.

Hello @BOSS ,

Could you please be a bit more specific regarding the “I do not have a PM module to remove this time” ? Is the PM Agent not present in the Programs and Features List ?

Correct, I already removed it from the systems. The CPU usage was normal, after the uninstall, until this week. I have been in contact with you about this before, but could not find the info.

Hello @BOSS ,

We have contacted you by email regarding this issue to freshen it up. Looking forward to your reply there.