Send message via Endpoint Manager

I’m sure it’s been requested many times…

It’s a real shame that there is no way to send a simple popup message via Itarian to the endpoint clients.

Many times I’d like to take over a computer but need the user to close their work… or even warn users that they have critical updates pending… ore request they leave their computers on etc

A very simple popup message facility via the EM would make many tasks so much simpler.

Please consider this addition. Dont need a full on chat client… just a simple notification popup would be a great help for now.

Hi @Ed_Johnson ,

Good day!
The feature you’re looking for is still under development.
We will contact you as soon as the timeline of the availability becomes more accurate.

Thank you for your patience.

Hi @Ed_Johnson
While the chat feature is being worked on, you can utilize one of the scripts that deliver a pop-up message to the end user.