Server 2012 problems with Security program.

I believe it might be with containment virtualization or possibly another part of the security suit, but i ran into a fair troublesome bug/error

Had a few problems a game server (Ark) as it kept making the server and profile folders virtual (could go with link within the program but they were not listed as actually part of the disk). After other troubleshoots I thought of the Comodo Security app (that hasn’t given me problems in the past). At first i added exclusions and changed a few settings, sadly the settings started to go back to default, a section at a time. So i figured the security app was messing with itself as well. It also caused problems trying to install directx redistributable. I noticed that when after uninstalling the security app the installation when through correctly.

Not sure if it was somehow installed incorrectly or a bug, but a bug that constantly deletes GBs of data is something i figured i wouldn’t test out again, at least not on this server.

Not sure if anyone has had this issue as well, the only thing i could be sure to test was the directx redistributable on a server 2012 (as the full version isn’t part of the os).

I tried changing the settings on my Windows 10 Machine and it looks like the settings do not revert. Not sure if the issue is isolated to Server 2012 or a faulty installation, but since its an automated installation and something we could be installing on our clients machines this bug could turn into a giant headache.