Server 2012 R2 Remote Control issues


I am running into an issue with a bunch of Server 2012 R2 clients when it comes to Remote Control. They show up as “Connected” in the RMM devices section but I am unable to Remote Control to them getting the error “Device not ready” every single time.

The weird thing is that the only devices affected are Server 2012 R2 machines. The Hyper-V host and 3 virtual servers. However the single 2008 R2 virtual machine has no problems whatsoever.
Every other device in that same network has no issues whatsoever either. I have tried almost everything to find out what is causing it, deleted the anti-virus, turned off the firewalls, reinstalling the communication client. Nothing…

Does anyone recognize this problem and if so, what did you do to solve it.

@SJeukens ,

Server 2012 R2 is a supported OS environment same as 2008 R2. Can you please verify the current version of the remote tool that you are using? Current is 6.23.18102.18100 . What is the status of the device on the Portal?

I am using the latest version of Remote Control.
As stated in the original post, all of the other Server 2012 R2 devices I have in my Comodo One environment work fine.
The status of the 4 devices in question is “Connected” (blue dot).

@SJeukens ,

The endpoints displaying blue dot indicators shows possible XMPP intrusion which might be caused by your firewall. Please review these settings to check if the ports or IPs might be blocked,-Host-Names-and-Port-Details---US-Customers.html

Hi Jimmy,

I have tried switching off the firewalls and even getting rid of the anti-virus… Also it only doesn’t work for the server 2012 R2 machines in this network, the other 40 devices (including 4 virtual devices on the host I am talking about) work fine with Remote Control.
Remote Control used to work fine but after a bunch of updates in september they are stuck in this “connected” mode.

Hello @SJeukens,

We have created a support ticket for you to further investigate the remote issue that you are dealing with the server 2012 R2. Thank you and feel free to respond to the support the created support ticket. Thank you

Hi Samuel,

This might sound a bit weird but where do I find the ticket you created?

Hello @SJeukens,

We have sent the support ticket via the email address that you have registered via this forum website. We have also resent the support ticket. Thank you