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Does the Itarian platform include monitors for the events that Dell OpenManage uses? And the HPE events too?

I know this page lists all the events for dell:

Thanks for any info. This is 100% critical for using the platform for us.


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Thank you for your interest on ITarian Platform.

If systems are running Microsoft Windows OS, have you checked Event Monitors? If no, could you please try it and see if it catch the logs? If not, could you please share the location where Dell OpenManage stores logs?

About this, I found this page…ocId=c03844889. Could you also try Event Monitors if your systems are running Microsoft Windows? If it does not work, could you please also share the location of the logs that are stored?

Please let me know if it works or not. If it does not work, it is essential for us to have the exact location of event logs so that we can prepare a custom script for you to monitor those events.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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Yes it is for Windows in the Event Viewer. Do the Itarian monitors know what HP and Dell event viewer ID’s are problems?

The link I provided in the original post is to the Dell OpenManage event viewer ID’s. Can you use that to make a custom script or monitor please?

I’ll look for a list of HP event ids.


Hello @invisikcorp ,

ITarian does not know which HP and Dell event viewer ID’s means what. But, have you tried to test it via Event Monitors by adding some event ids as separate conditions?

If this does not work, we will try to create a custom script monitor, but in that case, we will need exact event IDs (and meaning) so that we can map.

Thank you

Here’s a PDF (a little old) of the HP Event ID’s and what they mean:


Any update on you creating these event monitors? Thanks.

Hello @invisikcorp ,

Our scripting team is working on your request. We are aiming to complete in 3 days. I will share the script with you once it is complete

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I’m not sure if this is super helpful for what your looking for, but what I’ve done is create custom monitors for some of the more critical HP events. Its not the best solution, as the drawback is having to manually create monitors for each type of event. Right now I have separate monitors for HP warnings and HP errors, and further separated by type of event (storage, power, network…etc). I’m working on combining this into one monitor and subsequent procedure that triggers for any HP warning or error of any time. I don’t currently have many Dell’s to support but this could fairly easily be adapted.

Ideally, this is something that could eventually be either integrated natively into ITSM or within the SNMP network monitoring module.

Below is an example I have setup for HP Storage Events. It works by monitoring the event logs for HP storage level warning events and if detected, runs a procedure for collecting event logs and then emailing them. Below is how I have the monitor setup. I’ve linked to a previous thread I created for the email event log procedure

Name: HP Storage Warning Event
Trigger an alert if: Any of the conditions are met
Auto Remediation on Alert: Run procedure - Email Event System Log Warning


  • Type: "Event", Target: "Level: «Warning», Source: «Cissesrv»", Conditions: "Equal"
  • Type: "Event", Target: "Level: «Warning», Source: «HP Smart Array»", Conditions: "Equal"
  • Type: "Event", Target: "Level: «Warning», Source: «Storage Agents»", Conditions: "Equal"
Auto remediation procedure: Script: Email Event Logs - Configurable Parameters

Subsequent monitors are configured similarly for HP Storage Error Events (replacing warning with error in target). You could also just add both warning and error into the same monitor but i have them separated currently for organization reasons.

I hope this is of some help. Perhaps ITarian will have a more specific and robust script soon.

Keep me in the loop too, please.