Service cant start Server 2012 Essentials

When installing the agent, the service fails to start and I am unable to complete the installation. I tried assigning a different user to it. It just says it times out starting the service.

Thanks for the feedback. We are checking this.

Just a note. Comodo support is working with me right now on this issue.


could you please try to get the new agent and enroll your device again? it should be solved.

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I will try that over the weekend.

Just a note. This did not fix my issue, and I have sent two emails in replying to my case for a follow up with no reply.

Apologizes for it Chris,

I will follow up the progress and notify you.


We found out that the core reason is missing Microsoft.Net 3.5 Framework on these machine. You need install it first. I am adding a PDF doc to show how to install on WS2012 and also W8.1 if needed.

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Installing Microsoft.Net 3.5 Framework.pdf (1.07 MB)

Installing .Net 3.5 now. I had installed .Net 4.5 a while ago.

EDIT: While look at that. Bloody .Net 3.5 fixed it. Now to test the patching