Service Desk API IP Address


I am attempting to post to the service desk using the API from a cloud hosted app. I created an API key in my service desk but I am unable to get it to authenticate because of the IP address requirement. As its cloud hosted by third party, I don’t know the exact IP the post will come from and even if I did its likely to change. I can probably get a subnet but from my testing the “wildcard” variable of “%” (Per the Service Desk API IP address help bubble) only works on the last octet.

For example if I am posting from a network of (/24) I can enter 192.168.1.% in the service desk and it will authenticate for any IP between -
However if I try to use a class B network ( I can’t get the wild card to work for that range ( - I have tried 172.16.%.% but that doesnt work.

How would I allow a wider range or (more ideally) allow a domain instead of IP if possible.


Hello @eztech,

We have requested further information on how you may allow a wider range of IP to our developer. We will share the gathered information via this forum page. Thank you

Its been nearly 5 months and I have yet to see anything in response to this. Can I please get an update?

Thank you

Hello @eztech,

There is no ability to use % symbol instead of IP address octets except the latest octet for SD API " After our development team was informed about this case they have identified the root cause and they are working on a permanent fix on this matter. We have also requested an update to the escalated ticket to gather progress information on this issue as well. Thank you

This was sent to me via email back in May and I somehow missed it. I apologize. Thank you for posting it here.