Service Desk Error

Seems that about every other ticket that we try and view we get a screen that says “Fatal Error: Contact system administrator.” also see attached screen shot. This has been happening all week. We figured it may have been updates that were being pushed to it causing it the first few times, however, as of this morning we are still getting the error. It is random when it happens and can be fixed with a couple refreshes of the page. It is extremely annoying though.

I can 2nd this.

Hello @ddavis and @dittoit,

We appreciate for letting us know about this intermittent issue on the Service Desk. We are checking the cause of the issue and we will provide a solution for this ASAP.

It has been like this for a couple of days.

Hi @dittoit and @ddavis . Service Desk is now up and running. Our Development Team is able to find the cause and the fix has been completed. I did inform you on your respected emails as well. Please take time to check and confirm from your end. Thank you

We have had the same intermittent error ““Fatal Error: Contact system administrator.”” for the last few days, working OK now but will review.

Dear All,
I would like to apologize for the issues, first.
We have discovered that our service provider’s DNS was not responding fast enough. That is why; you were seeing the intermittent error. Issue was fixed. We believe that, with that fix urgent stability issues regrading with SD have been fixed. Thank you for your support.
Sr. Program Management Director

Hi @mhberglund,

We are sorry to hear about this issue, good news is our development team already fixed the issue and please expect a much stable module moving forward.

Thank you for still choosing Comodo ONE.


When I click on an open ticket it spins and then returns me to the screen. I tried assigning the tickets to myself but they didn’t move to my assigned tickets. It doesn’t appear I’m able to view any of them.

Hello @MTekhna ,

This is unusual, we need to further investigate the issue and
we will get in touch with you shortly via email.