Service desk integrate with Zoho Books or Quickbooks Online?

Can C1Service desk integrate with Zoho Books or Quickbooks Online?

Hello @libretech
Please consult the following help guide on integrating QuickBooks. None for Zoho Books though.

The integration is pretty poor and does not really work at all… You are better off doing it manually until this gets fixed.
I had been working with them to try and help, but it all went quiet… seems to be much the norm

Hello @libretech ,

Thank you for your suggestion to integrate our Service Desk module to Zoho Books. We actually have a feature request already shows on the roadmap to integrate Service Desk module to Zoho, we`ll send you an email for more information regarding the request.

@rockowwc , we want to know what are the issues you are facing regarding this matter so we can deal with it properly, support team will also get in touch with you via email shortly.
Please do reply at your convenience.


@Rick_C and @rockowwc Thanks for the feedback.

@Jay thanks!

Good integration with Quickbooks and KashFlow would be great, and the next step.

Hello, can we discuss this some more? C1 currently supports integration with the quote manager, which I honestly don’t have a use for at the moment. My biggest pain point right now is I have to manually enter my time worked on a ticket into another time tracker (TSheets) which then exports to QuickBooks online. This means I have to do dual record keeping of time worked (TSheets and C1), dual record keeping of contracts (SI Portal and C1) and triple record keeping of my rates and clients (QB, TSheets and C1). It costs me hours per month in administrative overhead.

Is there a plan to integrate tightly for this? If so, can we get some more information on what exactly the integration will provide and when? What are other people doing? I am guessing this is a pain point for everyone else as well, especially those with more staff and clients than myself.

Here’s why this is becoming increasingly important for me: there are some other newer products out there that are aggressively competing on price in the RMM/PSA space. I am neutral on them but I have to do due diligence. I’ve been watching C1 grow for the past couple years and I really love and appreciate the pace of growth, improved quality and the inclusive approach to development of our requests. However, I’m getting pressure to look at alternatives because of the billing. I can cost justify another system now if it removes the hours needed for double and triple tracking billing each month (AV license management model is another area I’m pressured on but much less). I DO NOT WANT TO MOVE. C1 is where I want to stay. I have a dire need for improvement in this area though or I’ll probably lose my case when my partners/employees’ patience runs out.


Hello @bigblock,

We appreciate your feedback. We have communicated your request to the personnel in charge of your suggestions. We will forward any new information or update that they would provide.

We understand that this is a challenge, therefore we will address your issue as soon as possible on this improvement area.

Thank you.

@bigblock You maybe waiting a while… I had a meeting months ago with the team about billing/invoicing and its pretty much gone nowhere.
The biggest hurdle is that they are really using disparate systems hidden behind a portal… There is no real interfacing between CRM/ITSM/SD unless its via the api…
This is where pretty much any other PSA will be miles ahead, they were designed as a PSA, to try and reduce work and increase the accuracy when it comes to billing.
I recently read a story where a client started using automated billing with a integrated PSA/RMM and found they had been missing $3300 a month in revenue due to having to manually do it in their old system…

Hello @libretech @rockowwc @bigblock,

I’m the product manager of Service Desk. We are developing features and ideas to become an integrated system so that you can do the all the works in one platform. I would like to share with you our ideas and show you mock ups so that we can work together and improve the product.

I want to also mention that the integration with Zoho Books or Quick Books or TSheet products is in our roadmap.

As @rockowwc said, we have worked with him and developed some ideas; however, last two months we spent our time to have more stable and reliable system for Service Desk and tried to improve overall system performance.

Could you please kindly send an email to me so that we can arrange meetings?


Hello @kaan_comert ,

Yes I can e-mail you. I’d definitely like to be involved in the process if possible. I am not up to date on where it is in regards to the roadmap or what features you are intending. I can however provide some good feedback on what the minimum set of features would be needed to accomplish most of the needs of MSPs on this forum.


Hello @bigblock ,

I’m looking forward to your email. I will be glad to hear ideas and feedback.


Hi @kaan_comert , you should have an e-mail I sent two days ago. If not, let me know.


Yes, this is huge. I don’t use the service desk just because it creates double work. My tickets are invoices. Having the ability to export tickets from the service desk at the end of each month and automatically create invoices for clients would be priceless. I use Freshbooks, however if this were implemented for Quickbooks online, I would consider switching my accounting software. Same issue with the quote manager. It’s not really worth using since every accounting program out there lets you create quotes and automatically convert them to an invoice. Besides all this I am super impressed with the platform so far, and the pace of it’s growth.


Hi @kaan_comert

It’s good to see you reaching out to the other main players here. The guys in this list are similar to us when it comes o getting things done.

Guys, @kaan_comert is key stone at Comodo for getting the systems pulled together, and so far I’m happy seeing what they have on the road map; just been to be patient and get one step at a time complete.

Keep up the suggestions and hard work all!