Service Desk just reloading


I can’t get up any tickets in the Service Desk today… the page just reloads all the time.

Like this… The load wheel is spinning a while, then the side just reloads and spin a while again and then reload…

@Noiden ,

We have tried replicating your issue and was able to access Service Desk without problems. We have forwarded your report to Our Development Team and we’ll reach you via support ticket for some personal details of your account to have the issue investigated.

Same here for me. Just reloading.

Update: I had issues with Chrome but using Edge loads OK. So issue is browser specific.

Hello @ikondata,

Thank you for sharing your observations. We have tried it in Chrome, as well as with Firefox and we’re able to load, view, and access the Service Desk tickets.
We suggest to please try optimizing your preferred browser by clearing the cache and cookies as well as the history if possible. Please let us know the results.

We look forward for a positive outcome.

This is a cache issue, we often get this a week after upgrades or if we have been heavily using SD.

Simple clear cache and bang, the error is gone

Hello @StrobeTech ,

Agree. Appreciate your suggestion.

I had the same issue, was running Mac OS 10.12.6 and Chrome 65.0.3325.162. Any time I click on any menu item at the left it refreshes the Open Tickets View on the right. I installed the newest Mac OS and am no longer having the problem.

Chrome is a funny browser! what i did was put ad blocker plus on and that stopped the funny cache error.