Service desk not responding

We are often having issues where service desk will not load or is extremely slow. Any ideas on how to fix this?

Hello @rakeshkhanna2243,

We would like to further investigate the issue further to better understand and replicate the issue that you are dealing with the Service Desk. We have created a support ticket for you and please feel free to respond to the support ticket. Thank you

Service Desk - You must login!

I keep getting this every 3 mins. So I cannot complete any tickets.

Hello @monster-it,

We appreciate for sharing the issue that you are dealing with the Service Desk under your environment. We have tried to replicate the issue, however, we are unable to encounter the event of the SD prompt to log in every 3 minutes. We have informed our development to further investigate this matter. Thank you

Right now the service desk is unusable, most of the time it times out. I’ve tried this from multiple machines, browsers and different networks. As of this post I am unable to get any page in SD to load successfully. Please advise on ETA to resolution

We are on the east coast USA and we have seen this issue since about 5pm EST today. First it was really slow. Then it went to non-responsive. Cannot get anything done in service desk!

Hi @eztech and @saltmarsh
The slow loading of the Service Desk is already being worked on by the back end team. We do not have any ETA to resolution (yet) but rest assured this will be resolved soon.

@Rick_C Thank you for the prompt response

We apologize for the confusion, we would like to know if you are still having issues with Service Desk?

Seems to be once a week this is happening. I can confirm the issue is still present. 502 Bad Gateway


Hello @ktaylor
We apologize for the interruptions with the Service Desk for the past few days. The back end team are making adjustments accordingly to prevent repeat incidents.

As of this post, are you still experiencing issues with accessing the Service Desk?

Figured it out. The Project Lead was changed (due to a employee termination) but all the issues types were still specifically assigned to the terminated (now inactive) user.

So the resolution was to change all the issue types to being assigned specifically to a different user.

For anyone else out there that has employees change… there is a nice log located in Configure>Appliations>Jira Service Desk>Email Requests> then click on the ‘View Log’ link next to the email address for your service desk> and then click the Tab for ‘Processing Log’. Anything that has failed will show up there with a reason for the error.

In future – I’d love to find out if I can set functionality to:

  • Still create the ticket, but be unable to assign it. (Can that be done?)

  • Have issues be assigned to the Project Lead rather than choosing a specific user.

Hi @Bradley523 ,

We appreciate the recommendation. We will have the team look into this as a feature request.

We will also send you an email for any update or if we need more information to help you with this.