Service Desk is down!

Please advise

Hi @azon2111
Earlier, some (not all) MSPs had difficulty loading the Service Desk. As of this posting though, the backend team has taken cared of the issue. Everyone should now be able to access the Service Desk.

Of special note, there will be times that the load on the cloud servers may go higher than normal. If this happens, the cloud servers may be slow to deliver the data that you need or fail altogether to give that data. Please give it a few minutes then try again to access the C1 module that you want to work on.

Thank you for your patience.

Keeps kicking me out and prompting to re-login (which I did, and also went back and logged in from when I try to open tickets, so something still isn’t right.

Hmm… seems to have fixed itself now. :slight_smile:

Down again ?? Fatal Error: Contact system administrator.

Hi @dittoit
We checked on our side and the developers did not find any issue so far. As of this posting, are you still having difficulty accessing the Service Desk? (Or even ITSM?)

Service Desk is EXTREMELY slow to load, almost unusable at this time (10:16pm ET (-5 UTC)). Taking forever to load, confirmed same issue with another company in C1 and completely different ISP as me.

Hi @azon2111,

We’ve communicated this issue with the support team and we will have them check this issue ASAP. I am unable to replicate this issue on my end, so this might be an isolated case.

We are grateful that you have reported this for timely investigation.

Thank you,

Definitely not isolated, other apps are very responsive but SD is slow and anything batch such as ticket deletion is not working whatsoever