Service Desk Post Response Improvement Request

  1. Which module is it about if you require it on top of any existing module?
    Service Desk

  2. What would be the function/feature name if you need to refer it later?
    Provide the ability to save images to the response section when posting a reply. If I copied an FAQ that contained images, then pasted it to the Response section when replying to a Post. The images will not show correctly.

  3. What is the new feature, please describe it as you want it to be implemented.
    Provide a way for pasted images to be seen upon Posting a Reply.

  4. What is the benefit?
    Allows image copy and paste

  5. Who is going to benefit?
    Customer benefits from seeing images embedded, especially if the post contains detailed steps or procedures.

Hello @Larry ,

Could you please be more specific about the part where the images are not properly pasted? Also, could you please specify what browser are you using and if you are using any ad blocker or script blocker add-ons? Also, a print screen would help.

We have tested in all 3 browsers that are commonly used (IE, Firefox and Chrome) and images are pasted and displayed properly in all the fields where they could show up (Post Reply, Posted Reply and in the email that was received by the user).