Service Desk Status


Recently, we have been facing different issues with Comodo Service Desk that we don’t see any progress on resolving them.

The issue are different and not specific to certain module in Service Desk, like Email notifications issues, Workflow Stages issues, SLA Accuracy, Audit Logs and multiple different issues.

The only answer we are getting that the issues still being checked by Developers team, and this has been the answer for months without any timeline or estimates for the resolution.

The same thing also with the improvements or new features releases for service desk, there is none and no clue when we should see improvements.

When we switched to the Service Desk under Comodo like 8 months ago, we did that because we felt there will be potential in doing so after we had promises for new features and fixes, however, we see the opposite now.

Is there a possibility for us to know the status of the Service Desk product with timelines and if you hope to enhance it or fix the issues it has so we can rely on it further?

Our top management now concerned with that and they need to either take a decision to move to a different product or keep relying on Comodo if there is potential but with timelines if applicable.

Sorry if the thread is not organized, but I just wrote it as I thought of it.

Hello @abey ,

Good day!
We’ve sent a follow up email to our developers for your SD concerns.
As for the improvements or new features release/timeline, our developers cannot provide a definite timeline for implementation because they wanted to make sure that everything else is properly working before they send it out to users.
We’ll make sure to send them a follow up email for your requests.

Thank you for your patience.

Hello @Vincent_C

Thanks for your prompt reply, however, it’s still the same response we are getting for months with no more detailed information that we can rely on.

Is there anyway to get more informative response or action so we become more confident with the product?


We can assure you that our developers are diligently working on all the necessary updates and improvements planned for the portal.
Since that it the case, the testing phase takes time because that’s the only time they’ll see the flaws of their hard work and when that happens, they need to go back and make corrections.
Our developers are dedicated in delivering the best of what the portal can offer so everything else takes time.
Unfortunately, there’s no definite timeline available yet.
We’ll get back to you the soonest once an update is available.

Thank you.

Service desk had many months or improvements and features just before the period you suggested as we worked closely with Itarian to help design and test these.

We still have a list of features and more that we want to come, but have not been sending the information in as other modules needed some attention as well else the rest of the platform lags behind.

Can you explain what you’re ur issues are and also what features you need are?

Thanks @StrobeTech
I agree, however, this is under the condition if we are asking of new features.
We have many issues appeared a couple of months after we moved to Comodo although it was working before.

  • Audit Logs are not working as it should (Ticket 4664)
  • SLAs and Stages issues (Ticket [#UON-437-35440])
  • Emails Notifications Issues (#UVR-432-91637)

This is aside of the promises we got from Elif and Kaan for features would be applied soon and last promise that we would get them on July’s release with no confirmation on that:

  • Audit Data Logs will include the action time no the action creation time. (Which already not working now based on the ticket # 4664)
  • Customized Tickets’ Statuses and ability to pause the ticket SLA for certain Statuses.
  • Different SLA Plans for different Customers.

Just want to add one last thing,

I am not accusing anyone nor claiming that the developers are not doing their best.

I just want to highlight that we are not well informed with the updates nor the vision so we can update our top management who asks for “Daily” updates as long as no timelines provided.

Hi @aby

Kaan is no longer with the team, partly due to promising the earth to everyone which is not possible to achieve.

I’ll double check audit logs on ours as this is important.

With Emails Notifications Issues (#UVR-432-91637), can you tell me more about the issue and your setup as this should not be an issue.

SLAs is an interesting one and does need a lot of work


Hello @aby

As an Itarian team we are working hard for improving Service desk, and before adding these all new features we just worked on stability and performance for providing better user experience to you that is why we couldn’t release any new features since May.

I will try to make this feature live as soon as possible and i ll inform you about the all progress.

Thank you very much

Hi @Elif Ayhan Kurt , as always, please keep me updated too. Thanks.

@melih , would be great to have your input here. Thanks.

There are lots of stuff in the way, and speaking to the team they have been doing a lot of testing, but not fully ready is my understanding.

Being honest, I’d rather it be ready and work as people rely on this heavily

Thank you, Everyone!

Hello everyone,
I would like to inform you that SD release have been postponed to the 2019/07/17.
I will share the updates when its completed.

Best Regards,

Hello @Elif Ayhan Kurt

Any specific time for the release?


I hope everyone is in a good health.

Just wanted to see if there are any planned features one Service Desk for the upcoming period.

Hello @abey ,

Thank you Abey,yes we have couple of new features that we ll release in short term. I will share short term roadmap via forum in next week so that you can check.

Best Regards,

Thanks, Elif.