Service desk Times out too soon

Has anyone else noticed that the Service Desk seems to always time out too fast??
It seems like everytime that I have an issue, and I start the clock, if the issue takes any amount of time to resolve, that the Service Desk times out, and I have to log back in. Now, on the tickets that do not take no time at all, it is OK, but sometimes, the issue takes longer. Maybe I missed a setting somewhere?? I will look it over, I just wanted to see if anyone else is having this issue??


As of the moment, we have not received any reports yet similar to your case.We have created a support ticket for your reported issue and will communicate with you shortly

It has always seemed to of done it, I usually just close the windows, and reopen the module.

A setting to choose the timeout would be really cool.

I have had a ticket open for this for about 2 weeks - [#NNR-768-70932]

Hi @curatrix_pl
Rest assured that your concern is being worked on by our developers. With the inconsistency of when the issue would occur, we hope you could understand that a proper fix for this scenario will take longer than usual. We appreciate your patience on the matter.

No inconsistency, crack a ticket open, start the counter, let it run for 20-30 minutes, go back and try to close or post an internal note. Everytime it kicks me out .

Hello @BOSS,

We have added your to the Service Desk Logging Out Issue ticket. We will keep you updated once the development team has worked on a proper fix.

Thank you for your patience.