Service desk UI/UX improvements

Couple issues with ServiceDesk that are non-urgent but would be nice to see changed/fixed:

  1. When I update a ticket and the timer is running, normally I go click on the Tickets tab on the left again to “exit” the ticket (if this is the wrong way to do this please let me know) – it prompts me to cancel or save as billable time. I click save. But then it expands the Ticket submenu on the left side and the timer stays running, so I have to click "Open’ (for listed open tickets)… again it prompts me to Save/Cancel for billable time. It ends up creating two billable time entries, the normal one and a small one.

  2. The Wysiwig editor is weird. The right hand side expands as you type, it should probably be a fixed size relative to the size of the window. Similarly, when you’re viewing a customer email in a ticket, and they attach a picture, it creates a weird scroll box which you then have to scroll within the ticket scrolling window. It would be better for viewing if this could be optimized a little better / cleaner display.

  3. in Admin -> Reports, the ticket report would properly now when selecting an organization (thank you for fixing this!!) however, the Cost report is still broken - if I run a June 1 to now report for a client I’ll see 5 tickets and a total of 3.25 hours, if I run a cost report for the same customer it shows one entry and 45 minutes. Unless I’m misunderstanding the role of the Cost report (and that’s possible). Right now I do invoicing from the Ticket report so it’s not a problem, maybe I just need some explaining as to what the purpose of the cost report is.

Again, none of these are urgent show stoppers just something to look at next time there is some ‘polishing’ on the ServiceDesk module. Some may not even be bugs I could just be misunderstanding their use… thanks!

Hi @indieserve
Thank you for the suggestions for a better Service Desk user experience. We have forwarded these observations to the developers for future improvements of the platform.