Service Desk very slow! What server should I use?

Hello everyone!

I have been testing Itarian for a while and I really appreciate this tool. Great job!

But, here in Brazil, the Serve Desk part is extremely slow. Endpoint manager works well.

How can I know witch server should I use (USA or European)? There are some IP that i can Ping to see the latency?

Thanks in advance


Hello @economicros
Please start your latency tests with the two login links to the C1 portal:

(if you can log in here then your C1 account is hosted in the EU server)

(if you can log in here then your C1 account is hosted in the US server)

Hi Rick!

Thanks for your reply. I tested the links and seems like my account is hosted in EU server.

Should I try a second account on US server, and compare latency?

@economicros ,

Yes, we can also suggest that. Please feel free to send us your feedback with your results.

I tested the US server and it seems faster enough! Is there a way to “migrate” my account to US based servers, or I need to rebuild it from scratch?

Thanks in advance.

@economicros ,

Yes, there is a process. We will send you a support ticket with an explained documentation about the process of migration. Please check your forum registered email at your convenience

The European server for Service Desk has got slower and slower over the last four or so updates

Can we see if this can be improved as moving to possibly a less busy US server is not possible due to GDPR.

Hello @StrobeTech,

We have communicated to our development team to have this issue check regarding Service Desk performance under EU server.

We will notify you regarding with the progress of this case via support ticket.

Thank you for your patience on this matter.

Hi@StrobeTech , after a conversation with a product manager at Comodo around 3/12/2018, the speed of SD definitely improved for us.

@Anna_C Your internal ticket for SD speed issues is CS-15326.

We found that at a point last year, then suddenly performance dropped off again.
Hoping a new year and a new spring in SD’s step