Service Desk

Is it just me or is the Service Desk a total nightmare?

Hello @oktexus,

Please elaborate on what you are having issues with on Service Desk so we can address accordingly.

Thank you.

All I want is for customers to be able to respond to the ticket email notifications and responses. Can’t seem to make it work. Its making me sign into it consistently today and that’s annoying as well.

Hi @oktexus,

We are unable to replicate the issue on our test environment. Could you please send us a screenshot of the log in page you encounter and any errors as well.

Thank you.

It’s not sending new ticket notifications to customers and customers can’t respond to helpdesk responses. I can’t get it to accept a smtp server no matter what. Is there a way to set everything to my email servers and eliminate the

Hello @oktexus,

We will be sending an email to your Comodo One registered email regarding this issue. Your concern needs further investigation and might also require private information.

Thank you.

Dear All,
As development we are aware of the problem. Time to time our email servers can not cope the load. We are working for this issue as top priority. As soon as we have solution I will inform you here.
Thank you for your understanding
Sr. Program Management Director

Sounds like a setup / config issue.
ServiceDesk is normally very good but the latest update is causing a few issues. If you cannot get it working after these issues are resolved post back here and I’m sure I can help.

…and its completely possible that I’ve screwed it up somewhere. But I’m 100% positive that it will not take an smtp setting.

@oktexus ,

Our support team has sent you an email about a couple of information regarding Service Desk’s setup up. You can send us a reply if that relevant information helped you. You can also add a snapshot of where you think the problem is underlying so we can assist you further.

Office 365 Setup is the difficult one people get wrong, but can help if needed.

Dear All,
Issue with SD is resolved. Thank you

A fix for Office 365 sending is still being created so if you need to use this wait as more than likely if you configure Office 365 to send it will go to junk mailboxes of users.

But when it comes to configuring Office 365 you need to use option 1 with port 587

Things now seem to be working so give it a go, any help needed post here!

I can’t get the service desk to use my email accounts for auto responders. It uses the default built in account. But customers can’t reply to this. I can send and receive emails via an email client so I know they work, but they will not work with the service desk. The default built in account works fine in its capacity, but I can’t have customer getting email failures. Not quite the confidence builder if you know what I mean.

Hi @oktexus
We created a support ticket for your SD concerns. Please do reply at your own good time.

Im out office today but will try and help tomorrow, what platform you trying to get it working on

What type of email is everyone using that works?

Hello @oktexus,

Any email that has IMAP/POP and SMTP with port should work. In case you need assistance for setting up you may email us at

Thank you.

I’m using Office 365, but used to use a standard POP3 mail box.
Biggest thing to remember is adding the mailbox to your set up is only half the battle, once this is done you also need to do the following: -

  • Settings -> Email -- Set the newly created email setup as "Default System Email"
  • Settings -> Email -- Set the newly created email setup as "Default Alert Email"
  • Settings -> Alerts & Notices -- Configure these to meet your needs
This should then have it working for you.