Service infrastructure

Do you can implement this dashboard?

Some descriptions…

Network structure taking as base because it will help group devices and show network scheme at same time.

Red circle - problem
Green check - all ok
Yellow - need some attention
Red flag - PC with highest SLA

For example, look at Customer 1. At PC1’s HDD monitoring detected critical error. PC1 inherits up this problem, next problem inherits up to Customer 1 and at C1 portal blinks critical notification icon. With SMS alerting of course :slight_smile:

Also we can see all workstations devices and software. And we can look any other info about PC here and open ticket.

This is very raw idea (v 1.0 :)) and need to be discussed.

Also at PC be useful add monitoring icons - HDD problems, overheating, MEM full, CPU overload, etc…

Hello @Sergey ,

Is this related to the network mapping feature that you have requested?

I think its more of a hierarchical site over view so you can see at a glace which specific customers have an issue and then you expand it out to see which specific device has an issue.

When I see that rough diagram above I think of SCOM (Image I found on the net)

No, and yes :slight_smile:

needed infrastructure scheme with invent and devices info, starting point for tickets. And network mapping helps to structurize it. All-in-one :slight_smile:


This would be very useful


This has been forwarded as a feature request to the development team and we will keep you informed on our progress.

Here is what we need so that we can act on this faster.

We need a “before” and “After” screenshots.

Before screenshot: is what you see in C1 today.
After Screenshot: is what you want to see on that particular screenshot, artfully crafted by your skillful hands :slight_smile:

If you can provide these, then we know which screen and how to modify for you! Much faster!

Hello @Sergey ,

We are pleased to inform you that the implementation of the feature that you have requested is scheduled to be included in our upcoming release due on Q3 2017.

We appreciate your patience and your understanding in this matter!

Hi @Nick

just wondering what happened to this as it was mean to be released Q3 2017?