Service Monitoring - Delayed Start

We have created a Monitor that monitors the status of a particular service and if it is not running, then we run a procedure to restart that service. It works quite well, with one annoying exception. The service we are monitoring is flagged in Windows as “Delayed Start” (and we want to keep it this way), therefore every time the machines are rebooted, the ITarian Monitor thinks the service is down and restarts the service, and opens a Ticket (and emails us). With 400+ machines in our list, having an unnecessary ticket generated upon each reboot is obviously quite annoying.

Does anyone have suggestions on how to monitor a service marked as Delayed Start? One of the things we tried was to add an additional condition to the monitor that says if the service is not running AND the machine is online for 5 minutes, then start the procedure. Initially this appeared to work but then a few days later we received a mass amount of emails (tickets) that the “Monitoring is now ON”. We were then forced to disable the monitoring to only a handful of machines.

Another attempt was to add two conditions to the monitor, if our desired service is “not running”, but another service (one not marked as Delayed Start) is running, then run the procedure. This didn’t work at all and failed to detect our desired service was not running.

Thank you.

Hello @davidc1
We would like to assist you further with your ‘service monitor’ setup. We created a support ticket for your inquiry as we will be asking for potentially sensitive information. Please reply to the support ticket at your convenience.

This is an interesting topic

Hi @davidc1 what was the outcome of this issue?

@davidc1 @StrobeTech @Rick_C Hi, was a solution found?

Not that I’m aware of