Service Outage Friday 5-1-2018

Can we have a report on what happened and what is being done in remediation.


Hello @dittoit ,

We don’t have the information available off-hand but we’ll get them for you and provide you with an update here as soon as possible.

Thank you

@dittoit when did it go down, I was logged on until early afternoon on Friday?

I voiced this before but, if using AWS why is this not done automatically?? there should be no need to manually add and remove resources…

Well said.

Can someone in Dev please answer my question ??


@nct @dittoit

According to information we obtained from the development team, although auto-scaling is configured, the load that was received during the outage was equal to double size of our current device base which have caused devops team to manually handle the issue. Now we are implementing additional methods to prevent the load in the first place.

Thanks for your patience and we would like you to be sure that Comodo One will always be at your service.

PS: Tomorrow we will deploy a fix related to this issue: