ServiceDesk - Open Ticket from Comodo client

When a ticket is opened from Comodo Client, the organization is not populated in the ticket in Service Desk. This could create issues when running billing reports based on the organization.

Hi @indieserve
Please check if the endpoint has an assigned Organization in Service desk for it to populate on the organization field. Thank you.

The endpoint is assigned to an organization in ITSM, but I don’t see where to assign it an organization in ServiceDesk?

@indieserve Please check also if the user who created the ticket is part of an organization in the Service Desk module.

So, this ServiceDesk (or at least my instance of it) seems super buggy. If I go into Staff Panel -> Users -> Organizations, select an organization (one I know has a bunch of open and closed tickets), then select the Tickets tab, the only tickets that show are the ones created by the Performance monitoring policy?! Ironically when I click on them, the organization field in the ticket is blank. Maybe there are multiple internal organization/organization ID fields in the database and this is partly a display issue but then the filters applied in reports are filtering against a different organization field? Don’t know, just guessing. It doesn’t make sense and at the very least it is not very intuitive (or I’m just daft, which is a possibility).

Considering ServiceDesk is the cornerstone for billable hours for many MSPs; really their bread and butter, and the fact that reports don’t really work properly, I think you guys really need to get a QA person to go over this because I don’t think I can trust it at this point.

Ok - that may well be the issue then. When I create companies/customers in ITSM, they’re all tied to the same email (mine). What is the best practice here that I should be following?

@indieserve We can enroll those endpoints using bulk installation so it will assign the endpoint to their respective organization.

That is how I did these, either by GPO or using the Comodo deployment tool. They’re all keyed to different orgs in ITSM, though all the same email address. It would be good if ServiceDesk could pull the device org from ITSM for the alert tickets and tickets opened by the using right-clicking on the Comodo system tray icon.

@indieserve We’ll take note of that and we’ll add it as a feature request.

Ok - here is a potential way to fix this issue if others are having problems with it, and Comodo support please correct me if this is not a best practice and/or if it is then feel free to update the documentation.

PROBLEM: Tickets opened by the Comodo Client agent (on a user’s computer in the system tray) don’t automatically show the organization name that is linked to the device in ITSM. ServiceDesk links the ticket to the email of the OWNER of the device. We had been configuring our staff accounts to be device owners (but still linked to the organization/company) and that seemed to work fine. However, this is problematic with ServiceDesk. The same situation applies for tickets opened by the Monitoring policy in ITSM, it’s tied to the device owner’s email. The issue is that you can only have one organization linked to the email address in service desk since it doesn’t pull the device’s Organization, it pulls the user associated with it’s organization in SERVICEDESK only (since the user could have multiple organizations associated in ITSM).

SOLUTION: In my case I’m using a gmail address, but you could also create a subdomain on your email server and forward all subdomain email to yourself, eg

  1. Create a role in Comodo One called “Customer” and remove all privileges including ability to login to portal/email notifications at the bottom.

  2. In ITSM module create a user with an internal email address like or, that both emails forward to you (not that you should get any email alerts but you may).

  3. Go into ServiceDesk and link your new user to the appropriate organization by going into Staff -> Users, selecting the user with the matching email created in step 2, click organization which is probably blank, and type in the customer’s company name.

  4. Go back into ITSM and re-assign all devices for the particular customer to the user you created in step 2.

RESULT: Now all of your Comodo client and Monitoring initiated tickets should show up in the correct organization in ServiceDesk.

Now when the Ticket Reports and Cost Reports are sorted out, I think I’ll be all set (at least for billing). And then I’ll start tackling Contracts and Projects :slight_smile:

@indieserve Thank you for sharing this. We will review your post and provide an update.


Thanks for this very detailed suggestion :slight_smile: This would work as a workaround until we have a permanent improvement for Service Desk linkage.

Has there been a permanent improvement for service desk linkage yet?