ServiceDesk URL

Is it possible to create a DNS zone CNAME for the service desk? For example:


Hi Rob,

Yes, you can use CNAME but as far as I know, not like email. It should be domain like

I did create a CNAME but was taken to the website and not my service desk

If you can send me the exact configuration you made, I can ask my technical team to validate and investigate. You can send the configuration as email or direct message.

I created a CNAME record within my DNS. The entry:

Alias Name: helpdesk

New Friendly URL:

This takes you to the website instead of pointing to my servicedesk url which was entered into the CNAME record.

I am not sure if it is the definition problem or something else, I am escalating this to technical teams. Will let you know the findings.

Thank you, please keep me posted.

I think you can’t do it because of SSL.


Sorry, apparently it is not possible to provide that kind of access to the service desk for now. We are going to keep investigating this but you can’t define CNAME for it as of now.