Setting Comodo 3 pack up in Company environment from afar

we recently purchased the 3 products

Secure Email Gateway, 1-99
Secure Internet Gateway for Enterprise (1-99 Users)
Advanced Endpoint Protection Premium Edition (1-99)
and am setting it up and now I have started with the secure internet gateway when I was shown two IP addresses for changing the DNS servers.
I wanted to go over the router am using.
Then this device usually supports DNS server change.
But due to it’s a branded device it doesn’t allow the DNS server change at all. They want to avoid that users don’t wrap up any setting so devices get misconfigured.
Whatever… First option I see is now set DNS of Comodo at each device in the network config.
Another would maybe be to use an app (maybe an app by Comodo like a vpn client would do) fort this or dnsmasq or something similar, you know?
Or does it work in batch over the RMM in Itarian?

Who please can explain to me a possibility other than setting the DNS server up on each device, that will give me DNS filtering?

In this router model the setting NORMALLY is available with an extra tab to the right, but here, we have a device that is leased from Vodafone, therefor is restricted.

Is this the right category here to post?

Hi @falkco,

A support ticket is already created and a remote session is already scheduled by our backend team.

Kind Regards,

Hi, thanks and yes, I have been in a really cool longer meeting with a Comodo supporter, we used over 2 and half hours and the issue up there was solved with a setup of the roaming users, in case there is no DNS filtering possible.
The whole rollout though gives me a bit headache, that it might be a rough change of what the users experience. So, am wondering if I should set up a profile with as little blocks as possible and softly migrate them step by step…

Right now, users get the endpoint protection with RMM and the Comodo CS, I consider this basic or entry level security. There has been not much of moaning so far.
But when I will enroll the SIG then there must be certain different profiles and that is what I mean should be done step by step as it also goes over three locations with four offices.
I would like to start with one roll out of the SIG ( all locations at once) and then each level of rule adjustments with slight changes.
Any suggestions?