Setting up Apple DEP with Comodo

Trying to upload Apples Dep Token and getting the following error - Apple S/MIME encrypted token is too long (maximum is 2048 characters)

@thearcatlantic ,

Thank you for sharing the details. the link can not be used for DEP integration. You will need to download the token from Please login to -> click Settings -> Device Management Settings -> Add MDM Server. Then ‘Upload public key’ -> chose file generated from EM portal on step 1. after this, open created MDM server, download token and use it on EM portal.

I have repeated the steps you listed above over again and still getting the same error message.

@thearcatlantic ,

Our Product Developer wish to review some private information from the steps you performed. Please check your forum registered email for the needed info. Thank you

@Jimmy I am also replicating this same issue and have followed the steps above.

Hello @drin, we have also created a support ticket for you regarding on this case.

Thank you for your patience.

  • Click 'Settings' > 'Apple DEP'
Apple's Device Enrollment Program (DEP) simplifies the activation and management of iOS and Mac devices in an enterprise network. While you will continue to use Endpoint Manager for day-to-day device management, DEP makes the initial setup process far easier for both admins and users.

After integrating EM with DEP:

  • Admins no longer have to manually configure each device, nor individually enroll each device with EM. All devices you register with DEP will automatically become managed by Endpoint Manager as soon as they are turned on.
  • All setup tasks, including EM enrollment, are carried out over-the-air (OTA) at device start-up walmartone. You can even choose to skip the various setup wizards that usually appear when a device is first turned on.
  • Devices can never become unmanaged without your consent, even if the device is factory reset. Admins have to remove them from Endpoint Manager to unmanage them.
Endpoint Manager (EM) currently supports iOS devices only.

FYI - this bug has now been resolved.

Hi @drin ,

Thank you for the response from the support ticket. If you have other concerns or questions please do not hesitate to reach us through Thanks.

To begin using DEP, you’ll first need to enroll in Apple Deployment Programs (ADP). You must have the signing authority to enrol on behalf of your business, as you’ll be responsible for agreeing to the terms and conditions for each program you access within ADP. You’ll also be able to set up additional administrators. DEP is available to qualifying businesses that purchase iPad, iPhone, Mac, or Apple TV quickpayportaldirectly from Apple or participating Apple Authorized Resellers or carriers.