Sharing Profiles, monitoring etc.


Would be really nice if we could share generic profiles in a profile store to other comodo one ITSM users - not just our own internal users, but all comodo one user, so they don’t need to start from scratch

also have an easier way to store monitoring “profiles”

now we need to clone a profile with the monitoring “profiles” to reuse them in a new profile, would be nice if we could choose, from our already created monitoring “profiles” or from generic shared (other ISTM users) monitoring “profiles”

like if I made a Profile of say my SQL servers,

in that profile I would have some monitoring name “profiles”


Server Monitor - CPU RAM
CPU Usage More than 90% for 5 min
RAM Usage More than 90% for 5 min

Server Monitor - Disk Usage
Free Space Left on System Drive Less than 10%

Server Monitor - SQL Services
Service MSSQLSERVER is not running
Service SQLSERVERAGENT is not running
Service SQLBrowser is not running

So if I then created a new profile for my print servers - i would need to clone the profile, but it would be better if we could create a new profile and then in monitoring be able to choose from the already created monitoring names.

This is a pretty generic monitoring profile, that maybe would be of benefit to others if I could share it with them both internally but also externally to other ISTM users

Hope it makes some sense .-)

Hello @frederikbay

Thank you for the feedback as it is very appreciated and it seems to be potential in it as well. I will forward this as a Feature Request.

Very good suggestions, we will put that on roadmap.

To start sharing the best practices that MSPs are adapting, would you mind sharing more information about common monitors? what else you are monitoring on which type of devices?

Hi @Ilker

There is going to be a bunch of stuff that we would be monitoring - we are in the process of setting the system up, so the requirements for monitoring will pop up as needed, I’ll post them as I create them, but of the top of my head would be website monitoring, SSL certificate monitoring (expiring date), all kinds of service monitoring for exchange, sql, ad, dhcp, dns, gateways, routers, printers etc. same thing for linux and mac servers.

Don’t know if it is build in, but would like to have a NOC screen, that we could have on one or several large monitors, to be able to, at a glance, see if something is down - simple red/green and a label for important systems, routers etc.

Thank you! Please keep us posted about what you create and what you need. We will be following up with your feedback and evangelizing the common monitors.

Love it…we are here for you…just tell us whatever you need…we will be more than happy to get it done/developed for you asap!

Just litle RED checkbox at profile configuration page: “Share with MSPs”… and make folders in ITSM Profiles section: “Predefined, My, Shared”. And everybody happy :slight_smile:


We have forwarded your requests for analysis and will keep you updated via e-mail.