Showing foreign language patches again.

Again, I am seeing foreign language patches ready to be installed.

I thought this was fixed already.

Please fix this once for all.

@smartcloud ,

We apologize to hear that this issue is still appearing on your end. We have asked for an update from our Developers concerning this reoccurrence.

Hi @smartcloud, we have made a follow up with our development team. We will pass along additional information once available.

we are STILL seeing foreign language patches.
When will this be fixed?

Hi @smartcloud,

The situation is reported to the development team. We are aware of the urgency and importance of the problem and we are working very closely with them in order to provide the solution as soon as possible.



Hi again @smartcloud ,

The development team is working on the issue and it will be solved with September release.

Thank you for your interest and feedback,




Thank you for the update.