significant problems with the CCS-XCS version 12.12

After update to CCS/XCS I detect significant problems,
a support ticket is opened, I’s like to share with the community

a. DEll server with SRV2016 STD:
intermittent network shares
explorer.exe stuck
general slowness
the server don’t reboot (stuck on shutdown in progress)

everything back to normal

b. HP server with SRV2012R2:
intermittent network shares
general slowness
the server don’t reboot (stuck on shutdown in progress)

everything back to normal

c. Dell server with SRV2019 ESS:
intermittent network shares
general slowness
the server don’t reboot (stuck on shutdown in progress)

everything back to normal

d. WORKSTATIONS RYXEN9-3900X and I7-9700K (Win10 PRO)
explorer.exe stuck on “my computer”
general slowness
WS don’t reboot (stuck on shutdown in progress)
don’t receive PDF from Lexmark MF (the scanner is stuck on “sending”)

everything back to normal

same problems

everything back to normal


Hi @stefanoradam, I also encountered problems and CCS 12.12 has been removed from the portal.

CCS 12.12 caused absolute chaos, many users stuck on incredibly long welcome screens when logging in.
General slowness of machines.
Long shut down screens.
How was this version even released?

Always amazes me that people willingly put new releases on their clients endpoints. Does no one remember the nightmare of the version that blocked the netrwork adapters rendering all endpoints uncontacteable and so unfixeable??

Hi All,

I’m from the ITarian team not Comodo, but I know I have spoken directly to a few on this thread directly before it was live.

Comodo have released this with a bug in which is unfortunate. We on the ITarian side did not release version 12.12 and stuck to 12.10.

We will always be a version or two behind as we want stability and reliability for our clients.

I’m sorry in behalf of the Comodo guys, and they are fully aware of the issue and trying to solve, but in meantime have pushed 12.10 back to all.

Tp help you can configure your portals to be stable instead of latest which will stop this bing a problem too.


Sorry for inconvenience, yes it appears that CCS 12.12 has some performance issues as you have reported here. We are preparing a new version of agent that fixes those issues in next couple of weeks.

Event if we always test our agents extensively before each release, sometimes we might face different problems on the field. As Robin stated, I would also suggest making “Latest Stable” version as your default installation. We are monitoring “Latest” version very closely on the field and when we gather enough metrics to prove stability for all endpoints. We will be labeling that version as “Latest Stable”.

Thanks for your cooperation and consistent support

This was on a test batch of PC’s, always good practice to do a POC roll out first of new version. Still there is a certain expectation of extensive testing before release by Comodo themselves.

A little update:

I discovered a new problem with CCS
on my PC (Win10PRO):

the network shares are available in LAN, other PCs can download files from the shares,
but they can’t upload files (despite the permissions being correct)
those files seems instantly “in use” both sides,
and so neither other computers nor my PC can delete the orphans til reboot.

I updated to version test version as requested by support team,
but I’m sorry to inform you that this specific problem is still there.

Note that on this specific PC I am not experiencing performance issues

Another update:

I tested the experimental version CCS_12.12.1.8961 on two Endpoints:

  • Fresh-formatted TESTPC (first time in Comodo platform) and
  • OLD-PC (present in the platform for years)
And I’m happy to inform you that the major problems:
  • Stuck upload to shared folders
  • Stuck sending scans from Lexmark/HP Multifunctions
Are gone away, everything is OK. At the moment I see no performance or cpu/memory-occupation issues. I’l keep you informed