Slow performance with Hyper-V Host and Guest

I deployed this to one of our smaller servers, Dual Xeon 2.8, 64GB Ram, Server with 8 GuestVM’s and 30 users total. It reduced the speed of the VM machines by almost 50%. We tried excluding the three Comodo folders, Program files, Program files (x86) and ProgramData, in Webroot Anti-virus, but it did not help. We had to disable the services on day 2, as the clients could not do their work. Once we stopped the services, the system returned to normal. Any known issues or best practices? I can only assume that it was Disk I/O that was causing the bottleneck. Thanks so much, it looks good and we would purchase the logging… but it must play well on Hyper-V servers. Thanks!

Hello Rick,

Could you please provide us the RMM logs from this machine? To collect the logs, please do the followings: 1. Navigate to:
C\Program Files (x86)\COMODO\Rmm Agent Service
or to
C\Program Files\COMODO\Rmm Agent Service
2. Edit dbg_config.ini: change Level=3 to Level=15
3. Wait for the issue to reproduce and then collect Logs from:
C:\Program Files (x86)\COMODO\Rmm Agent Service\logs
C:\Program Files\COMODO\Rmm Agent Service\logs

Please archive the files and send them over to so we can analyze them.
Thank you for time!

Hi Nick: Any updates on this? Anyone else tried to install on Hyper-V host? The agents are running fine on the Hyper-V guests without issue.
Anti-virus issue? I do have another RMM running on the system with Logmein… From Contin… Itsupport247… I’d love to upgrade to Comodo for all my Hyper-v servers, guests and client workstations. So far the product is swell.

Hello @Rickkee

The Agent alone should not affect the performance of the machine regardless of what is installed on it. The Agent only reports back system info to the RMM Console. Do you have any procedures or Jobs running on the machine? Or maybe any policies?

Also, if the issues persists it would be best to send the logs to the above mentioned email address: so we could open a troubleshooting ticket.

Thank you.

Hi All, I have tried installing on a Hyper-V host that was running an accounting package on a 2008 server. Lots of reports from accounts departments that their system was running slowly so I promptly un-installed. Wouldn’t really want to reinstall and test so hoping to test in the office at some point.

Hello Rickkee and msitcmatt,

We have requested an update from our development team regarding this matter and we will advise the outcome as soon as possible.

Hello @Rickkee , @msitcmatt ,

The development team informed us that the root-cause for this was the machine losing the licence ID, and was trying on and on to connect to servers.
The issue should be fixed now and this should not be happening anymore. Please check and let us know whether you are still experiencing issues with this.