Slow Win 7 and Win 10

Has anyone found over the last week or so their PCs have slowed down, opening Chrome, Excel, Word files etc. Not sure it is related to Comodo Client Security and so far only 2 clients have reported issues to us? I’m thinking it is MS update related.

Aside from what you have shared above @nct , we have not received any similar reports from other C1 users.

One way to check is to temporarily turn off CCS on the affected endpoint and observe how these applications will behave afterwards.

Have they updated for the cpu vulnerabilities? I have read lot’s of articles stating that slowing down of pc’s by up to 6% and servers up to 20%!!

@Rick_C Thanks, don’t think it is Comodo related.
@dittoit Yes, thanks, I’ve been reading about it

I find that systems with SSDs don’t show much of a performance impact to the end user but systems with hard drives suffer under CCS AV startup checks especially in the first few minutes after boot/login. It’s enough to cause profile loading/temp profile creation issues for some users.

@vitalsupport ,

We thank you for making mention of what you have observed. We will create a support ticket to have the reported behavior you stated investigated as soon as possible.