SMB1 printer errors

strange thing happened to a few machines of late. With CCS installed. SMB1 is disabled on windows 10 and all the machines stopped communicating with printers. however re enable smb1 (not good to do) they started. take of ccs and it works. anyone else had this issue?

Do you know any resolutions for it?

@monster-it ,

No similar issues reported yet. When did you notice the issue? Is it after the release or just today? We can get our team to help out and investigate

How are the printers connected? Direct or via print server? Having SMB1 enable I agree is not a good idea.

Its been random for two weeks but more so recently. They are connected via the network. i.e. wifi or cabled in to the switch. then the pc’s conenct via network address to print from them.

But we can’t ping or network scan from that machine but other machines in the same network do not have an issue.