Software inventory - in which module?

I’m a little bit confused:
I thought that the ‘old’ RMM plugin is going to be removed.
So now I only deploy the Comodo Client (and CCS). But then, the ‘Software Inventory’ tab isn’t recorded (==empty).

If the RMM module is going to be obsolete: how can I see the ‘Software Inventory’ tab populated, without the RMM agent?


Hi @ailan ,

To view the applications installed on a device

  • Click the 'Devices' link on the left and choose 'Device List'
  • Click the 'Device Management' tab at the top of the main configuration pane
The interface displays devices belonging to the company or group selected on the left.
    • Select the company and choose the group under it to view devices in the group
    • Select 'All Devices' to view every device enrolled to ITSM
  • Click the name of any Windows device then select the 'Software Inventory' tab:
  • Click 'Update Software Inventory' to retrieve the latest list of applications from the endpoint
Please see this link for your reference:

Thanks for the info.
I Already tried that but the ‘Software inventory’ page is empty.
Looks like the device is not scanned without the RMM plugin.
Is that correct? Or should only the Comodo client be sufficient now that the RMM plugin will be discarded?

Hello @ailan,

We will communicate with you shortly via email for the process in resolving this case.

Update: the ‘Software Inventory’ page is now populated for both the computers where the page was empy for 2 weeks.
So to answer my own question and for those who wants to know: the Comodo client alone is sufficient for the inventory.
I only don’t know why it took 2 weeks but I’ll just assume that the Comodo Team have fixed the problem :):smiley:

Hello @ailan , sorry that I missed your problem and thanks for bringing your updates here. You are very welcome.

Your situation most probably happened because our services somehow stopped at your endpoint. When you open the task manager of the device, under “Services” tab you will find ITSMService CPMService and PMService. These three services should be up and running all time to make C1 functionning for this device. Each service is also responsible to wake up another ones, so our services can work 24/7.

I think in your situation, Another software might stop all those services at once. If you somehow restart this device in these 2 weeks, services started automatically in the reboot and you became capable of listing your software inventory.

We are happy that you can reach your inventory now but we will contact you shortly and request your log files at that device to have a look at your case.

Thanks for great input.
Best regards

Hi emrahsamdan, thanks for your reaction. I can understand the situation about services. But it was on different computers, at different clients and sites and installed on different dates (7 days between the 2 installs).
So that’s why I posted because it could be something in common.