Some minor interface things


In the Device List, it would be great to be able to size the column width.

Also in the Device List, I would like a default sorting feature. Now it seems the default sorting is by the date the device was enrolled. I have to constantly click on the “Name” column to sort by that column.

Again in the Device List, I would like a column for the device’s IP address.

When running a Procedure, I’d like the default user to run under LocalSystem user.

In the Service Desk, when you Close on some tickets from the main list, it should stay in the Open Tickets view, not change to the Closed Tickets view.



@invisikcorp ,

This is a good list. I do believe ew have other MSPs who have asked for these features. we have added you on the list and you will be notified once our Product Team announces a final timeline implementation for these features

@Jimmy These sorts of issues, which don’t take a huge amount of development resources to resolve, are just dragging on and makes ITarian/Comodo completely fail to live up to the “Your Voice Matters” and “You Request, We Deliver” promises.

With regard to the display, this is just ridiculous.

  • The column width on the user, for example, means we can only see the domain or device name of the domain\username or localhost\username formats.
  • The Customer width is pretty wide - the customer in the attached happens to have quite a long name - 27 characters over all - and there s still column space when the menus are collapsed.
There is a lots of space available even at 1920 x 1808 without collapsing the side menus,a nd tonnes when both are collapsed - would be even more available of you implemented the 24-hour clock format as previously requested.

See attached as ample evidence of these absurd widths settings.