Something went wrong....

Anybody else seeing the attached in Dome?

dome went wrong.PNG

Hi @dittoit
I logged in and out of the C1 portal and visited the Dome Shield page a few times. I did see the ‘Something went wrong’ message on the upper right part of the page. After a second or two, it continues to load the regular Dome Shield page. All looks good on my side though.

If I may ask, what happened next after you saw that message on your side?

Hi @dittoit,

It is a temporary connection issue with Shield portal and the back-end system. Once the said message disappears immediately and you do not notice an issue with ability to apply policies, connections is completed. Thanks.

We had same issue and then worked seconds later

Hello @dittoit and @StrobeTech,

We have sent you an email regarding with this reported issue in Dome portal. We appreciate your feedback.