SPF Fails for Electronic Mail from Comodo One Forum

My company scans all inbound electronic mail messages and test them against many conditions known to pose threats, including SPF failure. This is pertinent to Comodo because email alerts from the Forum, which uses the “mspconsortium.com” domain, are quarantined as a result of SPF failure. If needed, I can tell our system to ignore SPF failure, but I think it reasonable to bring it to Comodo’s attention so that a technician has an opportunity to investigate. It is often relatively easy to address SPF issues and doing often results in improved deliverability of electronic mail. That is, addressing SPF issues benefits everyone who receives electronic mail from the Comodo One Forum which, in turn, benefits Comodo.

In the unlikely event that clarification is needed, SPF (which is an acronym for Sender Policy Framework) is a record that is entered into the DNS zone file of a domain which allows the domain owner to specify IP addresses or subnets which are authorized to send email for the domain. This in turn, reduces spam and malware because it makes domain spoofing easier to spot. For example, my company’s DNS zone file might list “email.domain.com” as the domain from which all staff members from my company use with an email client to send electronic mail but my forum might be sending electronic mail from “forum.domain.com”. By adding an SPF record for “forum.domain.com”, scanning systems can recognize that “forum.domain.com” is as legitimate as “email.domain.com”.

Please, note that there are other technologies, such as DMARC which might be considered. While I reporting SPF failure, I make no claim that SPF is, in and of itself, a complete solution for the Comodo One Forum or its users. Rather, I am suggesting that SPF failure results in myself and other users losing valuable electronic mail from the Forum because it is routed to quarantine (rather than our inboxes) where it becomes lost among a multitude of messages.

@dhillard ,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We’ll gladly investigate on this case to ensure all possible solutions are provided. We have created a support ticket in investigating what you have experienced.