SSL certificates, best way to purchase?

As a member of the MSP Consortium and user of the Comodo ONE platform. What is the best way to purchase Comodo SSL certificates? At some point will they be available via the App Store?

Let me investigate this for you. We can definitely add this to our Appstore.

Any news on SSL? A client has asked if we can add a SSL certificate for there new website.

Hi Mikael,

We plan to release the program in this week. I will contact with you as our one of the first program user to show you the process and get feedback.

Best regards,

Thanks for the update. Sounds good, look forward to test and give feedback.

Hi Looking to purchase some SSL’s too - did this get sorted? Thanks

Hi @msitcmatt

Once you enroll as Comodo Reseller (MSP consortium specific benefit), you can buy SSL’s and other products with discount.

Please check this guide for help.


Is there a way to offer PositiveSSL Certificate?, I have been in contact with a Comodo rep that suggested me to create another account to be able to provide Possitive SSL and as instructed I did it and now on that new account I do not have the msp discount as I have with my main MSP account. Can someone guide me how to get Possitive SSL on the MSP account?. Thanks