Stability since the August update


Has stability actually improved since the August update? Today CRC is playing up.

I too commented on another post, it has its moment but i am seeing more of my endpints online… so far its been ok.

We’re still seeing some ITSM agents stuck as connecting, but I guess that will again need a CCC update to try and resolve.

From our side, stability has improved greatly as well.
Every release there will be more stability…next 3 releases are focussed on stability…Aug release already improved stability…Sept, Oct, Nov will also do the same…Rock Solid C1…here we come :slight_smile:

Great to hear. Obviously there were no endpoint updates to CCC and CCS this month. Will there be any next month?

Yes most likely.

Can we obtain some feedback regarding today’s issues, please?

I also called into support earlier since Next Gen Sandbox was continually loading ,to be told by the L1 technician it was due to my having not cleared out the sandbox regularly and having too many items there! I didn’t believe him and I’ve now discovered you were experiencing an issue at the time.

Hi all,
We would like to apologize on outage happened on Friday. We have detected issues on data traffic between continents because of our Service Provider. By historic experience we knew that fixing this kind of problems sometimes is taking up to 8 hours. Therefore, we decided to change the traffic route by changing DNS settings to bypass faulty part. We completed it in 1 and half hours far before Service Provider fixed the problem.
Normally we were planning to make DNS change on weekend. It was our final step to complete our migration that we are executing to increase our stability.
Since we made this operation in fast manner on Friday, we continued our finalization work on Sunday. During finalization of the migration a “self inflicted human error” with DNS caused outage on Service Desk. We are totaly sorry about that and we are taking all necessary actions to prevent this kind of human based errors.
Sr. Program Management Director

Thanks for the update, but in would be helpful if at the time, a status could be posted here, in advice of your status page being launched. However, it is odd that you encounter system faults most weeks, other providers go months without any form of outage.

we had one big migration happening…it is complete now…that caused a lot of issues…

Previous infrastructure we were on was flaky…causing us lots of problems reflecting badly on our software…a lot of hardware problems caused system issues…we moved to a different provider recently (it was a huge move)…hopefully all these hardware problems should be behind us now…

We are focussing on software stability as next 2-3 releases currently. You will have one rock solid platform to serve you!

Sounds good @melih :slight_smile: but why not give MSPs the heads up or post here?

agreed. Its a process issue…maturity…as we are maturing the process we are going to be able to be more proactive with information. We are working on it…

The move to the new platform has happed making things better.

Hopefully this will enable us to get only software issues reported instead of platform problems.


next 2 sprints are very heavy on fixing stability and putting huge amount of monitoring to detect issues before they become issues…

@melih @Ilker I’m sure you’ve seen the posts today and the poll, perhaps you need to put out a statement reassuring everyone and with a schedule of when problematic parts of the system will become stable.

we are on it…SD issue has been solved (HW problem)…next 2 release we are putting a lot of monitoring in place so that we can be more proactive about these things vs reactive as we are today. One thing for sure, next 2 releases we aim to give you a rock solid C1. Until then we are here watching this like a hawk!

Really hope so, we are desperate to use SD, but still too nervous until it is stable. Also, I’m on holiday from Wed for a week, will the Sept release be on 16/9?

as of tomorrow we are instituting a new process whereby we have 24/7 people manually monitoring everything so that if things break, devops can be informed immediately for a resolution. This way we don’t have these silly response times we have been having. This should help with response times…then releases should help with issues happening…yes 16th…

Looking forward to 16th with all a bit more stable.
Hopefully give us time to look at more testing than helping you improve the system.

Following a stability release, there’s now an issue with parts of Windows 7 being contained - ticket with development.
CCC still experiencing connectivity issues - support provided with more information and being discussed on the forum.
CRC sudden outage a short time ago.
Also, reboots to endpoints following the release this month, which we understood wouldn’t be the case.:frowning: