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I’ve gotten most of our Managed clients into ITarian from our old CRM now, so I need to provide access to the rest of my team, which is probably 40-50 people. I thought I would add them in Staff, but found there was no way to import. Then I thought I would check Users and see that there is and it seems to be the same list. However, someone I had added manually to Staff previously as a test did not show up in Users.

Also, for some reason, the documentation web page is not showing up for me right now, which is why I’m in here and not “RTFMing”. Can anyone provide a bit of guidance here? Ultimately, my goal is to get everyone added as quickly as possible, but now I’m not sure of the best way to do that.


OK, I think I have figured this out to some degree. Staff will have access to all clients, but Users are client specific. I just wish I could import staff as well as users, but I can’t seem to find a way to do that. I’d love any clarification and/or correction to how I understand this.

Staff have access to all clients AND all Itarian tools. We use Users to assign ownership to endpoint devices so we can quickly identify a caller’s endpoint by their name by searching for them under Users in the Device Management side of ITarian.

You can elevate a User to an access role other than “Users” and define what clients that they can access, but they access that resource through a separate URL path than the main site URL that your staff uses. This could be handy when you have a customer who has some in-house staff that you want to enable to see what you can see within the ITarian dashboard. They cannot see other systems though as far as I know such as the SOCaaP/SIEM, Service Desk or other systems and can only see the Device Management window. You can reduce their abilities down to very minimal access too.

We setup all of our MSP IT staff that service multiple clients in the Staff list so that they show up in Service Desk and across all of the other ITarian integrated applications. I’ve never had a need to import staff, but that would be a good feature to have in the future.

Perfect. Thank you for clarifying for me. I was hoping there was a way to not create 40 or so accounts, but it looks like I’ll have to. I’ve sent an email to support, so I’ll wait on that and see if I can send them a csv for them to import.

Can regular users login to the Remote Control client? I’ve been unable to figure it out. Had to add the customer to staff but that does not work as he is able to see all computers.

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