startup process agent Comodo + issues


I would like to get a description of the startup process agent Comodo.

To manually troubleshoot connectivity issues (What services are run, what ports are used, etc.), which modules are used for remote access, etc.

Main problems -

  1. does not appear in the console agent, COMODO LPS LauncherEx works

  2. The client is added, but after a time disappears. Repeated restart service COMODO LPS LauncherEx sometimes helps

  3. When instelling comodo agent, not downloaded PMM agent (error in the download file)

Problems with the operating system (with the Russian interface):

  1. on Windows (7, XP) RUS Russian keyboard layout does not work in the Remote Access - no reaction.

  2. shell execute - does not appear right symbols and does not recognize the input Russian characters (screenshot):

Hello Yurii,

To better understand your issues and in order to provide accurate solutions for them, Comodo Enterprise Support will contact you by email.
It is also possible they will need some RMM Console and Agent logs so emailing you will be a more suitable option.

Ok, Mattew Thanks for the quick response, you have a very fast support

I can respond to the letter or must use for answer?

Hello Yurii,

If you have anymore questions or encounter other issues, please respond to that email and we’ll get back to you!