Status charts scattered across different screens

I find it a frustration that certain key status charts are scattered across different screens. We all have our own priorities for what we would like to see at a single glance on a dashboard, but I think the current implementation isn’t logical.

The following charts are priority for me that I would like to see on a single screen:

  • Endpoint Patching Status (currently available only on the ITarian (C1) dashboard
  • Devices Online ( (currently available only on the Endpoint Manager Compliance screen)
  • Active and Inactive Devices Last 24 Hours (currently available only on the Endpoint Manager Compliance screen)
  • Communication Client Version (Windows) (currently available only on the Endpoint Manager Audit screen)

I would also like to add other charts etc. to the same screen. I never understood why these charts are restricted to different status screens. We really should be able to combine any of the available charts onto a single Endpoint Manager “home” screen that can come up with one click.

@Kees ,

We understand your specific needs for data that needs to be available “off the bat”. You can do some customizations on the dashboard widgets for your usage.

Yes, I’m aware of the customization available for the main dashboard. But not all charts are available to include there, for example devices currently online, and communication client version. Some charts are available on multiple screens (e.g Active devices last 24 hours), while others are not. For me to see the 4 charts I listed in my post, I need to check 3 different screens.

Hi @Kees

The reason you have the multi screen / location for the reports and statuses is down to the construction of the tools.
The platform is made of of many different applications: -

  • Endpoint Manager
  • Service Desk
  • Quote Manager

Each application has its own reports, stats etc; but these apps are then brought together by one dashboard which is heading towards a PSA style program. This dashboard then has widgets which you can customise to bring some information from each app into one single location.

Unfortunately not every stat can be on the dashboard, but if there is something that will help a lot of people please explain it in details and I’m sure the team will pick this up and add it to the road map. At the end of the day, the platform is driven by us for us; if we do not input the ideas it will not improve.

Hi @StrobeTech

Thanks very much for the input. I understand that the main dashboard can’t necessarily show every widget from every application. But I would at least like to have a single screen within the Endpoint Manager application that can show all the key EM widgets together. And this should include the Endpoint Patching Status widget, which is currently not available on any screen within EM, it’s only available on the main dashboard.

If I choose the login page option in Settings to be Endpoint Manager, I get taken automatically to the Audit page at login. I should be able to choose any Endpoint Manager widget on this landing page, including patching status. I think this would be an improvement that would benefit many Endpoint Manager users.

Hi @Kees ,

Thank you for sharing this. We will have your suggestion as our improvement request. Our development team will review it and determine where it will fit best on the product road-map. We will send an email for any update for this your request. Thanks again.

Hi Guys,

Just to a quick summary, the requirement here is to add the following widgets to the EM audit logs screen: -

  • MS Windows Patch Status
  • Thirdy Party Patch Status

@StrobeTech ,

Roger that. thank you for the added details. :slight_smile:

I would summarize the requirement as follows:

  • Add the following widgets to the EM "Audit" screen (not the "audit logs" screen). The "Audit" screen is the default landing page after clicking "EndPoint Manager", so it acts as Endpoint Manager's dashboard (it would be better to call it "Dashboard")
    • Endpoint Patching Status (Microsoft patches)
      • This widget is currently only available on the ITarian (C1) main dashboard
    • EM - Patch Management Third Party Applications
      • This widget is currently only available on the ITarian (C1) main dashboard
    • "Devices Online" and "Active and Inactive Devices Last 24 Hours"
      • These widgets are currently only available on the "Compliance" screen
      • These two statuses are valuable to see on the EM dashboard
  • The widgets that show the various client versions are currently available on the "Audit" screen, and should remain available, as they provide valuable information.
I think that all the above widgets on a single dashboard would provide very useful at-a-glance info.

We have added your summary above to the feature request ticket @Kees. Thank you for the clarification.