Step by step guide for end users?

Does anyone have a step by step guide (with pictures) for end users that shows them exactly what they need to do in order to fully “accept” their phone’s enrollment? So far, on my test device I had to sign into an apple account, then re-send the “inform devices” pop up so it would re-appear for me to click, to then install ITSM.

However once thats done, apparently there is an update for ITSM that I needed to download from inside of the application catalog.

If there is an end user instruction sheet available that i can send out to my end users, that would be great.

If not, i will have to make one because the users will never be able to handle the steps they have to perform to accept the enrollment without a very easy to read step by step document with pictures.

Please do check the following guide for ‘Enrolling iOS Devices’. Feel free to use it as a base template wherein you can add any other specifics for your own clients.

Thanks. That’s a good start. Appreciate it.