STORE needs fixing

The store needs some attention.

When in the process of completing a subscription to a module when I client gets to option 4, customer information, the address 2 field shouldn’t haven an * beside it nor should it expect anyone to put any kind of data into it, like it currently does now. Not everyone has a suite, or floor, or whatever you can think of that might go into that box. So unless you want me to continue putting (none) on this field I would suggest you fix it making it more professionally polished.

The link under the Anti-Spam pricing options does not working. I am a little surprised no one checked it or has been checking it in the event it was moved or removed. Also I am not sure how many people here use this service, I thought I about trying it, I don’t have more than 5 users on my domain right now but I am sure others here do have more than 5 users, 1 domain with 5 users is the only subscription option. Again another polishing is required here. These modules are there for you to generate more capital, if they don’t work properly (this includes links to pricing and the actual subscription options) how do you expect to make any money?


Hello @smoothrunnings,

We will communicate with you shortly via email for the process in resolving this case.

Hello @smoothrunnings,

Good day, regarding your store concern

Additional users / domains / archieve space licenses can be bought from “Add New Subscription” under the management part in C1 portal after buying the base module from app store. (Buying base module and additional licenses at the same time is not possible due to C1 infrastructure now. The application should be added firstly from the store.)

Then, to add additional licenses follow these steps on C1 portal:

1- Buy a Dome Antispam MSP base module under C1 store firstly.

2- Click “Applications” under the “Management” tab above the C1 portal.

3- Choose the Dome Antispam inside the applications.

4- Click “Add new subscription” on the right side.

5- Buy the desired additional licenses by following the standard buying process which is coming.

Thank you,